Sisterhood HQ



At Sisterhood we make beautiful and timeless pieces that can be added to your wardrobe and worn forever.
Each style is carefully designed with the female body in mind. Things to wear effortlessly with your denim & classics.
Whether it's going for a casual stroll, exploring a new town or out for drinks with friends, we hope you treasure each piece as much as the memories you make wearing them.



We respect and love Mother Earth, day to day we are doing our best to reduce the impact we have on the environment. Everything used to run our brand, from paper to all packaging is made from recycled materials and can either biodegrade or be recycled once finished with.
We are also completely virgin plastic free and any plastic we use can biodegrade. As a small brand our aim is to continually grow and evolve, so we can keep implementing more improvements in how we do things. We are proud to now be using sustainable fabrics for over 95% of pieces in our current ranges.

Creating ethically is also something very important to us, since we established we’ve worked the same small factory with whom we have a very close and loyal relationship with; we know our team well and they produce our designs helping to ensure that there is minimal to no wastage and that no nasty chemicals are involved during the production process. We pay all of our workers fair and above average wages and we make regular visits ourselves and have an on site agent who makes sure working conditions are safe.

It’s truly important to us that the clothes we sell don't have an ugly past. 



We donate every month to sustainability projects around the world to help give back to the planet. By calculating our carbon usage, we then help to fund earth positive projects so we can become carbon neutral. You can click here to see some of the projects that we donate to. We also plant one tree for every order placed with


* We are completely cruelty free and don’t use any fabrics or materials derived from animals for any of our clothing