We advise to only wash items as needed. Spot cleaning, hand washing or green dry cleaning are the best ways to save water and keep your clothes looking better and lasting longer. We don’t usually get very dirty day to day, so most of the time a spot clean is all your item needs.

If your item needs more than this, we recommend a hand wash or a gentle cool cycle (no more than 30 degrees). 

* With our items that contain Polyester or Recycled Polyester, please try to take special care in minimal washing as plastic microfibres may be released from the fabric into the water. The best way to wash is to use a cool gentle cycle and a GUPPYFRIEND wash bag.

Avoid using an electric dryer. Hang on a hanger or lay flat to air dry for best results.

If it needs ironing do it on a low temperature and inside out.

If you have an item which is 100% Viscose, this can sometimes need a high heat to iron out creases which make the item appear to have shrunk, this is completely normal as Viscose is a natural fabric which retracts when wet. It will get back to its original shape by ironing on a high heat on reverse. 

GUPPYFRIEND™ have created the perfect eco wash bag which filters out microfibers that are released from synthetic materials during washing.

Every time you wash synthetic clothes they shed small plastic pieces called microfibers, which is leading to plastic pollution of our waterways. So even some recycled fabrics are part of the problem.

The Guppyfriend Washing Bag is a patented solution that works to fight this problem. The self-cleaning fabric bag is made of a Polyamide 6.6, micro-filter material. We think it's well worth the investment and you can buy one from us here.